Thursday, September 9, 2010

Waiting to Hear

Gabriel called today. Oh how good to hear his voice. Even if it was for a question about laundry. Now I am waiting to hear from Hannah. This is a new phase in my life - anxiously waiting for that hopefully daily phone call. How did my mom survive so many decades ago when all we had was a payphone in the hallway shared by 45 other girls? A weekly call would never be enough.

Many people have asked how I am doing. Am I surviving since letting two fly the nest? So far, yes. I am not sure what the answer will be when we walk into our home and notice the emptiness there. And they are doing well and having fun. I am excited for them. But how will I handle it when they have a rough day and I am not there to give them a hug?

John, Holly and I will begin our trek back to Virginia tomorrow. Our plan is to stop half way and spend the night. It's been a long summer and a lengthy trip and we just do not feel up to making a 12 hour trip in one day this time. Looking forward to being home.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I am sitting here in the quietness. An intense quietness. Such solitude I would have longed for in years past when I had a couple of toddlers underfoot. Now I find it peaceful yet odd.

John and I took Gabriel and Hannah to Pensacola Christian College on Sunday afternoon. They checked in on Monday, moved into their dorm rooms and registered for classes. On Tuesday we kissed them good-bye, gave them a long hug and came back to my parents house where Holly was staying.

Hannah's phone quit working on registration day. We are thinking it has something to do with her taking it for a swim a couple of weeks ago. So it's been hard to communicate with her. We have another one on the way for her to use. Today is their first day of classes. I am anxious to hear what they think! They also have a ton of meetings this week. I told them to expect the first week to be very overwhelming and also a lot of fun. I am encouraged that they have already made friends and seem to have terrific roommates!

Of course we are not empty nesters. Holly has six more years of school to go. My dad took her to the Space and Rocket Museum this afternoon. I am looking forward to all the individual time that John and I will have to spend with her. Homeschool begins on Monday!

Stay tuned for the adventures of Gabriel and Hannah at PCC and the Homeschooling of Holly - all right here. I hope you'll come back!