Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Gabriel sporting a beard while he's home.  Looks nice.  But makes me feel older...

Gift Exchange

I'm on a Christian team on Etsy and this year I decided to participate in the Secret Santa gift exchange.  I'm so glad I did.  The gifts I received are from Noelle.  She has a cute shop call Regift Store.  She gave me a beautiful felted flower brooch.  And a Bath and Body Works lavender vanilla bath set. It smells so good. I love it all!!!!  Thank you so much Noelle.  I hope the person who got my gifts loves hers just as much.  Merry Christmas to everyone!

 Here I am with the brooch pinned to my sweater.  Yes, I do need a haircut!

Here is the bath set, brooch and card under the tree. The gift exchange was fun.  I hope I can participate next year.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Constanta, Romania circa 2002

Our House - the front part anyway. There is more to the side.  I'll have to find that picture later.

Gabriel playing basketball on the street outside.
All house are gated

A little neighborhood store that Gabriel walked to and bought whatever we were out of.  Truly a convenience store!

Gabriel learned to handle Romanian money quickly. (Gabriel -age 11)
 View from the little store.  Our street is the one on the right.  Our house is about half way down.

 The Black Sea was about 2 miles away. (Holly age 4)
 (Hannah - age 9)
 There was a park within walking distance from our house.
 One of my favorite pictures of Hannah and Holly were taken at that park.

 The mountains were about 6 hours away.  This particular one was only opened a few weeks out of the year.

My favorite picture of Gabriel and Holly.

 Someone gave us a bunny for May Day. (Thaaannks.....)

 The kids and their friend Catalin in our yard.  The swing was everyone's favorite.

 Holly's first day of kindergarten. Changing shoes was a daily routine.  Kids never wore their street shoes in the school.

Christmas program at Holly's kindergarten!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

One Thousand Gifts
Thanksgiving is almost over.  But the giving of thanks should never end. There's only 100 things listed here (in no particular order) that I'm thankful for but we are truly blessed each day with thousands of blessings from God.

1.    The LORD who is my Shepherd and watches over me

2.    My Savior who is also the Shepherd of my children and loves them more than I do

3.    My husband who works diligently and loves his job
4.    Gabriel and Hannah who are far away at college but ever so close to my heart
5.    Their jobs that help pay for college
6.    Holly who is still at home but growing up much too quickly
7.    For God’s presence with each one of us no matter where we are
8.    A home – with a front and back yard
9.    Lots of dishes to wash – because we have lots of food
10.  The privilege of going boldly before the Throne of Grace
11.  Answered prayer
12.  The promises of God
13.  Forgiveness
14. God’s mercies which are new every morning
15.  God’s Word to comfort and guide me
16.  Faith
17.  My computer
18.  My computer chair
19.  My computer desk
20.  Texting – so I can easily communicate with my children when they are far away
21. And digital pictures they can send via the internet – making them seem a bit closer
22. Time to myself
23. Music to sooth my soul
24. Friends – old and new
25.  Our church
26. Our pastor who preaches God’s Word
27. Food in my pantry
28. And refrigerator
29. A stove to cook it on
30. And an oven
31.  Grocery stores nearby
32.  Coupons to help out a bit
33. Laundry – because we have plenty of clothes
34. A side by side washer and dryer  - because I know what it is to do with out
35. God’s provision
36.  A teen-aged girl who is learning to organize her room – finally
37.  Two college juniors – learning to trust God
38.  Freedom
39.  My old car that’s paid for
40. Two new tires
41.  Books
42.  Overflowing bookshelves
43.  A roof over my head
44. Acorns that fall and remind me to be thankful for the roof
45.  Walls to keep out the wind
46. Windows to see outside
47.  A comfortable bed to sleep in
48.  And a pillow
49. Warm covers
50.  Being held in God’s almighty hand
51. God Who directs our steps when we do not know the way
52. The peace that passes all understanding
53.  Praying together as a family
54.  Casting all my cares upon Him because He cares for me
55.  God’s thoughts towards me that cannot be numbered
56.  And towards my children
57.  God’s protection
58. The beauty of God’s creation
59.  Fall
60. Colored leaves
61. Changing seasons
62.  Thanksgiving
63. Joy
64. My mom and dad
65.  And their 53 years of marriage
66.  Being raised in a Christian home
67. And brought up in church
68. My two brothers
69. Their wives
70. Their children and grandchildren
71. My grandmother – age 97
72.  My husband who loves me
73. Hugs every day
74. Dreams and future plans
75. God’s faithfulness
76. Every breath that I take
77. Every beat of my heart
78. Hope
79.  Housework – because I have things that need to be cared for
80.  God’s grace
81. Salvation freely given
82. Eternal life through Jesus Christ
83. A relationship with Almighty God, Abba Father
84. Eternal security
85.  Wisdom
86. Water coming out of the faucet
87. Electricity coming through the wires
88.  Phone signal from some tower…. somewhere
89.  Technology
90.  The internet that helps us keep up with friends
91. Warm socks on my feet
92. Slippers too
93. Holly’s eager planning for the next event
94. Hannah’s artistic talent and quiet gentle spirit
95. Gabriel’s energy and zeal
96. Sarah – who may eventually be called family
97.  The promise of Christ’s soon return
98.  God Who knows me by name
99. And loves me
100.      Every moment that God is watching over me and I don’t even think about it.

What are you thankful for?