Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yellow and Gray Baby Shower with Elephant Theme

Baby Shower Favors

Laminated Bookmarks

 Light gray/Light yellow - Dark gray/Dark yellow - Light gray/Dark yellow
These are large in order to fit everything in - 8"x 2.5"

 Tea Envelopes
         Style #1 -

                                          Style #2 -
 3" x 3.25"

                                          Style #3  
This one is probably the simplest because you just have to slip the tea bag in the top - no ribbon to tie.
 3.75" x 3.25 "

Wishing Tree Tags 

         You can choose any colors.

 Dark yellow and gray

Light yellow and gray

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Names Ending with "el" in the Bible

This school year, Holly and I are studying the names of God, beginning with Elohim - God - All Powerful One - Creator. Many Bible name end with the letters el which means "God" and I tried to find a list of Bible names ending in el and their meanings on the internet but couldn't find one.  So I thought I'd make one myself.  This is not yet an exhaustive list so if I've left off your favorite, please let me know.  Eventually I want to add the Bible references.

Abiel - God is my Father

Asahel - creature of God

Ariel - lion of God

Azareel - help of God

Azarel -  God has helped 

Bethel - house of God

Daniel - God is my judge

Emmanuel - God is with us

Ezekiel - God strengthens

Gabriel - man of God

Gamaliel - benefit of God

Hazael - God sees

Ishmael - God will hear

Israel - who prevails with God

Jahleel - God waits

Jazeel - strength of God

Jeheiel - God lives

Joel - Yahweh is God

Lemuel - belonging to God
Lael -  to God

Michael - who is like God

Nathaniel - God has given

Reuel - Friend of God

Samuel - Asked of God

Shemuel - appointed by God

Uriel - God is my light

Uzziel - my power is God

Zuriel - my rock is God