Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Storm

I wrote a poem a few years ago. I thought I would post it tonight as I think of a friend who is going through a wicked storm of her own.

The Storm

I see the storm clouds gathering,

I hide and cringe in fear.

Ive seen clouds like these before,

Oh, Lord, be ever near.

Ive felt how hard the winds can blow.

I was almost lost at sea.

My sails so torn and powerless.

Oh, Lord stay close to me.

I am afraid of this new storm

And the damage it can do.

What will be left of my heart in the end?

Oh, Lord, I draw close to You.

You are my rock, my strong tower.

In You I have no fear.

You are my strength from day to day.

You will be ever near.

“Fear thou not,” I hear You say

Out on the stormy sea.

You will uphold me by Your Right Hand.

You will stay close to me.

You are the Rock where I can hide

Until the storm is through

I will find shelter under Your wings

I will draw close to You.

Karen Woodward © 2005

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ellie Marie Designs

I sold my paper bag scrapbook! So exciting. Here is a new project I'm working on. I will get them listed as soon as I get some more ribbon and glue. Meanwhile, check out the other things that I have for sale at Ellie Marie Designs!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paper Bag Scrapbook

Here is my newest creation - A paper bag scrapbook! For sale! Profits go toward buying textbooks for Gabriel and Hannah. See details here at Ellie Marie Designs