Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Gabriel sporting a beard while he's home.  Looks nice.  But makes me feel older...

Gift Exchange

I'm on a Christian team on Etsy and this year I decided to participate in the Secret Santa gift exchange.  I'm so glad I did.  The gifts I received are from Noelle.  She has a cute shop call Regift Store.  She gave me a beautiful felted flower brooch.  And a Bath and Body Works lavender vanilla bath set. It smells so good. I love it all!!!!  Thank you so much Noelle.  I hope the person who got my gifts loves hers just as much.  Merry Christmas to everyone!

 Here I am with the brooch pinned to my sweater.  Yes, I do need a haircut!

Here is the bath set, brooch and card under the tree. The gift exchange was fun.  I hope I can participate next year.