Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Names Ending with "el" in the Bible

This school year, Holly and I are studying the names of God, beginning with Elohim - God - All Powerful One - Creator. Many Bible name end with the letters el which means "God" and I tried to find a list of Bible names ending in el and their meanings on the internet but couldn't find one.  So I thought I'd make one myself.  This is not yet an exhaustive list so if I've left off your favorite, please let me know.  Eventually I want to add the Bible references.

Abiel - God is my Father

Asahel - creature of God

Ariel - lion of God

Azareel - help of God

Azarel -  God has helped 

Bethel - house of God

Daniel - God is my judge

Emmanuel - God is with us

Ezekiel - God strengthens

Gabriel - man of God

Gamaliel - benefit of God

Hazael - God sees

Ishmael - God will hear

Israel - who prevails with God

Jahleel - God waits

Jazeel - strength of God

Jeheiel - God lives

Joel - Yahweh is God

Lemuel - belonging to God
Lael -  to God

Michael - who is like God

Nathaniel - God has given

Reuel - Friend of God

Samuel - Asked of God

Shemuel - appointed by God

Uriel - God is my light

Uzziel - my power is God

Zuriel - my rock is God


  1. Love your list... this type of info just makes me happy! All the references and meaning.. so special!

  2. I love these kinds of Bible studies. They're so much fun!