Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Constanta, Romania circa 2002

Our House - the front part anyway. There is more to the side.  I'll have to find that picture later.

Gabriel playing basketball on the street outside.
All house are gated

A little neighborhood store that Gabriel walked to and bought whatever we were out of.  Truly a convenience store!

Gabriel learned to handle Romanian money quickly. (Gabriel -age 11)
 View from the little store.  Our street is the one on the right.  Our house is about half way down.

 The Black Sea was about 2 miles away. (Holly age 4)
 (Hannah - age 9)
 There was a park within walking distance from our house.
 One of my favorite pictures of Hannah and Holly were taken at that park.

 The mountains were about 6 hours away.  This particular one was only opened a few weeks out of the year.

My favorite picture of Gabriel and Holly.

 Someone gave us a bunny for May Day. (Thaaannks.....)

 The kids and their friend Catalin in our yard.  The swing was everyone's favorite.

 Holly's first day of kindergarten. Changing shoes was a daily routine.  Kids never wore their street shoes in the school.

Christmas program at Holly's kindergarten!


  1. What a great experience for your kids to have had!

  2. Loved the photos, Karen. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.

    Thank you for stopping by my Writing Nook


  3. Wonderful pictures! The mountain view is breathtaking!!! Love it :)