Thursday, July 1, 2010


June was . . . busy for a lack of a better word. Perhaps I could use a few synonyms such as engaged, swamped, active, overloaded. My parents came to visit, Gabriel and Hannah graduated from high school, I had a yard sale and our church had Vacation Bible School. Those are a few of the major highlights.

I have just finished eating an amazing dish of chicken with peanut sauce that John made for us tonight. It was delicious. Now I am contemplating July, August and September. Tomorrow will be catch up day. Laundry and cleaning have been pushed aside too much. Sunday is not only our church's 4th of July picnic but my spiritual birthday. I am hoping it will not be too hot. We will also have some friends visiting next week. Gabriel and Hannah have plans to go to DC and Kings Dominion with them. I am seriously skeptical with the 100 degree temperatures that are forecasted. For the remainder of July, I would like to find new homes for things that did not sell in my yard sale - hopefully on ebay.

What can I say about August and September? Gabriel and Hannah will both be going to Pensacola Christian college in Pensacola, Florida. My first two children will fly the nest at the same time. It's only 863 miles away. There are just too many emotions for my heart to deal with right now. So like Scarlette O'Hara, I'll think about that tomorrow.

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