Friday, September 30, 2011


We have always celebrated the kids' birthdays by giving them a day off of school. Traditional schools take off for Washington's, Lincoln's and Martin Luther King's birthdays, so why not celebrate our own instead? That has been our custom since our first kindergarten years in the mid 1990's. Each and every year the kids tried to convince me to take my own birthday off as well. Anything for a free day, right? No. I was adamant. I LIKED teaching! And what better way to spend my birthday than doing something I liked!

I don't remember if it was last year or this year, but Holly figured out that with Gabriel and Hannah being gone she didn't get the same number of "school holidays". So she convinced me to take off for my birthday and John's too. She's always been my little negotiator. Gabriel and Hannah now have to attend classes on their birthdays. Hannah hardly gets to even celebrate hers because it comes right in the middle of mid-terms!

This morning I enjoyed sleeping in late (until 7:30), uninterrupted devotions, and some quiet time to myself. Holly does have a co-op class today, birthday holiday or not. She is taking high school art this year. Later John, Holly and I will go see the new Sherwood Films movie Courageous. It opens today! I don't go to the theater often but this is one film I want to support. After the movie we'll have one of my favorite foods - Pizza!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog today... I wanted to surprize the hubby and older kids with seeing the movie but alas its only playing in one theater and guess what... the showings for today were SOLD OUT.. thank goodness I checked before we made the plans.. so tomorrow gonna see how the tickets are and maybe try and surprize the kids then.. Let me know what you think of the movie...

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN (or is it Holly's birthday?, I got mixed up). Wishing you and your's God's richest blessings today and always!

    We take birthday's off too, even mine, and try to do something the birthday person enjoys. I love teaching, but I also love fieldtrips & tea rooms, and stuff like that. :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment, wow, a tatoo church, that must be...interesting. Yes, please do a post! We have a local seeker-driven church here in our little town that sings the "Yah Yah" song (that's all the words to it), plays "Go Johnny Go" rock n' roll on their local Rodeo Days parade float, and their worship/
    announcement time reminds you of a Johnny Carson monologue - we visited there once, I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. Now they are having problems...they can see the error of their ways, I think. No one seems to be growing spiritually...imagine that.