Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday to Gabriel

Today is Gabriel's 21st birthday. Where did the years go? Hannah and his friends at college celebrated with him. I wish we could be together on his birthday. Instead, he's studying for a couple of big tests and we have having pizza for lunch in his honor. Happy Birthday Gabriel!! I am blessed to be your mom and I'm so thankful that you have great friends to celebrate with.

Here are a few pictures. Hannah's not in them. I'm guessing she was behind the camera!

Gabriel and his sweetheart Sarah

Friends who came to celebrate

Megan and Breana - Hannah's best friends


  1. Happy Birthday Gabriel!

    You know I was hoping for some baby pics....but I guess mothers shouldn't embarrass their children so much...

  2. Happy Birthday to Gabriel!


  3. I put up a few baby pics here

  4. Happy Birthday, Gabriel! Hope you enjoyed your special day!