Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Few Happenings

Dear Neglected Blog and Those Who Read,

I thought I'd stop by and say hello.  I really do miss you and I'm sorry for not writing more.  I'm still here.  Life is busy but here is a brief update:

Hannah is home for the summer and looking for a job. Please pray she finds a good one soon.

Her friend drove her to Kentucky and we met her there.  It was a great opportunity to see my 96 year old grandmother.  She just got a pace make put in a month or so ago.  I overheard her telling a couple of people  that she got a heart replacement.  :D
Hannah, Ma and Holly

Back at home between homeschooling Holly and looking for a job for Hannah, I've been busy making things for Ellie Marie Designs.

Holly's band concert was tonight.  It went really well.  She played a duet with her friend Katie. Holly's playing clarinet and Katie's playing the flute  It was the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nut Cracker.

And in our spare time, we observe the baby robins 
in a nest built above our rain gutter.

That about sums up life right now.  Of course there is church and sometimes I cook dinner and clean house.  But not as much as I should.


  1. And I hope you're feeling better now too?
    Thanks for sharing your doings. Glad your daughter's home now:)

  2. Great to read your blog and know what is going on in your life. Sounds like you have plenty on your plate. God bless!!

  3. Cute birdies! How funny was the comment about the heart replacement. I am praying for Hannah to get a good job that makes her happy.

  4. Life does get in the way, doesn't it? I have been on this computer more than ever with Etsy and my blog that yesterday I remembered I hadn't dusted in a month!

  5. The robins nest looks familiar. They built one our my patio, on top of the lamp. I call it the robin NICU.

    BTW, homeschooling and a family always take precedence over cleaning and cooking. You can only do so much.....

  6. OH, sweet robins!! I prayed for your daughter - hope you enjoy a peace-filled summer. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing -- appreciated the pictures and update.

  8. Hiya! I'm one of the "ones who read" :) Just dropping in to also say that your pics look great. I prayed, too. He'll work out the job situation! Rest in Him.

  9. Enjoy that time with your family. The cleaning . . . eh, that's not as important.

  10. Enjoy your daughter being home for the summer!

  11. Good to hear from your again, oh busy one. I hope Hannah can find a job soon. What is your son doing???