Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trail Guide to World Geography - A Review

My baby girl is entering high school this fall and I couldn't be more sad and more excited at the same time.  Sad because she is growing up much too quickly.  Excited because I love the things I learned together with Gabriel and Hannah and I'm looking forward to learning more with Holly.  One of my favorite subjects that we did with Gabe and Hannah was the Trail Guide to World Geography.  They enjoyed it too! They each made a notebook with a map of each continent, studied a plethora of geography terms and information, looked for current events in the newspaper, made an illustrated geography dictionary and so much more.  There is so much in the book, you'll never get to it all in one year.  Thankfully it's neatly divided into elementary, middle school and high school. Gabriel and Hannah are now juniors in college but I still have their geography notebooks.  Holly and I have been perusing them and getting excited about our studies this fall.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I was thinking about doing geography with Anna in a year or two. It sounds like fun.