Friday, January 1, 2010

Five Things I'd Like My Children to Know

Happy New Year! I am backing up my old blog and found this post. I'd like to share it once again just as a reminder to my children. I love you Gabriel, Hannah and Holly!!! May God richly bless you in 2010.

Someone tagged me with this meme a long time ago. How do I put into five thoughts all the things that I want my kids to know before they "grow up"?

Here’s my list. Actually, I think they already know these things but I want them to remember them for the rest of their lives.

1. That I love them with all my heart, no matter what, always and forever.

2. That God loves them even more than I do.

3. That God will be with them even when I can’t.

4. That He is faithful and true.

5. That they would learn to see beyond today and beyond themselves.

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