Saturday, January 18, 2014


Gabriel left for his last semester of college before the new year. The last two weeks he has been busy taking an inter term class - a semester crammed into ten days. Hannah left yesterday and the busy semester begins on Tuesday.  This will be the last one for Gabriel and so the countdown has begun!  There are 108 days until graduation.  That is a mere 15 weeks.

I do not really need anything extra to keep me busy.  Between homeschool, church, Etsy and housework (yes, I sometimes get to that), I have enough going on.  But graduation and a trip to Pensacola is going to cost money.  So here is my attempt at earning a bit extra.  Karen from Chocolate Dog Studio has challenged me to use my craft stash to create 100 new items.  And I have challenged myself to list an additional 50 craft supply destash items.  Do I have that much stuff?  Probably.

Here is the beginning: 

Newly created item #1

Here is the first few destash items:
(I have a lot of purple cardstock leftover from a custom order I did last summer.)

(I call this Barney Purple but that's probably not a good search term for brides searching for escort tags.  Wild Berry or Light Magenta is a better choice.  What would you call it?)

(These belong to Hannah and the profits will go toward her mission trip to Romania.  But it counts as getting rid of clutter in my home.)
(Also Hannah's)

Creations from craft stash - 1 down, 99 to go
Destash of craft supplies - 4 down 46 to go

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