Friday, August 14, 2009

The Intention to Deceive

This week I have been guilty of telling some half-truths. According to a half truth is "a statement that is only partly true, esp. one intended to deceive, evade blame, or the like." My intention was not actually to deceive but to surprise, and that caused me to avoid telling the whole truth. So what was so important that would cause me to stoop to such a level? Tomorrow is my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary. My older brother and his wife (mainly his wife, I'm sure) planned a party to celebrate. At first, I didn't know how we could make the 680 mile trip and rearrange a full calendar. So I told my younger brother that we wouldn't come. But John encouraged me to go and I was able to rearrange our schedule. He was able to work an earlier shift on Thursday and we (John, Holly and I) departed at 3 PM. Our surprise was a success and my parents were thrilled to see us, even if we did wake them up at 2 AM central time. Gabriel and Hannah, who have already asked off work for two weeks this summer, didn't want to take more time off so we left them there. They have plans to go to a friend's house and won't be alone for the entire weekend. I am looking forward to tomorrow and seeing more family and friends.

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