Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Life in a List - Brief Highlights of the Last 25 Years

1984 - Finished college at Liberty Baptist College

1985 - Hired to teach 3rd and 4th grade at a small Christian school in Richmond, VA
- Gradation ceremony at Liberty in May

1986 - Still at Christian school
- Summer job as a DJ at a Christian radio station - Most favorite job ever - should have majored in broadcasting
- Met John in August - we were engaged the following month

1987 - Married in April

1988 - John was hired by Virginia State Police

1989 - We moved to Oilville, VA - lived in a small rented farmhouse

1990 - Bought our first home in Goochland, VA

1991 - Our first child and only son, Gabriel was born

1992 - John is called into the ministry
- We moved to a house in Richmond
- Hannah was born
- John resigned from Virginia State Police

1993 - Moved to Alabama
- John began working on a degree in Biblical Studies

1994 - Bought a house in Decatur, AL

1996 - John graduated from Louisiana Baptist University
- John and I took a survey trip to Romania

1997 - Moved to Brasov, Romania as missionaries

1998 - Holly was born (in Alabama)

1999 - Returned to Alabama

2000- Began considering a ministry in Constanta, Romania

2002- Moved to Constanta, Romania as missionaries

2007 - Returned to States in March and sought God's direction for the next step
-Moved to Virginia in June for John to be rehired by Virginia State Police
- I began substitute teaching

2008 - John was finally hired by the State Police in December

2009 - Waiting to hear where John will be stationed

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