Friday, December 31, 2010

I Have Been Held

This year did not go how I had planned.
This year did not go how I had hoped.
The enemy stepped in and wreaked havoc in many areas of my life.
The wounds are deep and some will leave scars.
But through all the trials, I have been held by Almighty God.
The God of all comfort has held me in His hands.
He has hid me in the cleft of the Rock.
He has gently reminded me that trials lead to patience.
He whispered to me through His Word, reminding me of all His precious promises.
Reminders that He is always with me.
That His ways are not my ways.
That He knows the way that I take
And these difficult times will draw me closer to Him.
I am blessed with the knowledge that not only does He comfort me in times of tribulation
But He gives me hope for the future
In that I may forget those things which are behind, and reach forth unto those things which are before,
And when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.


  1. KAREN, there you are!!! So glad you found me...I was afraid I had lost you forever. Glad you are blogging again!

    Wow, two out of the nest at once ((HUGS)).

    Have a Wonderful New Year! Many blessings to you and yours. I look forward to picking up where we left off and keeping up with your news.

  2. Hi Karen!

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog.

    Secondly, what a beautiful and encouraging post!
    It is SO comforting to know that God is ALWAYS there with matter how difficult the circumstances may be.

    Blessings to you,