Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2011 List

Inspired by Sprittibee's Big Fat Annual List, I decided to make my own goals for 2011. Hopefully I've made it realistic. Notice I didn't include scrapbooking. As much as I love it. It doesn't seem to happen. Maybe I can add it later. What's on your list?
  1. Develop a stronger prayer/devotional time
  2. Take down the tree/Christmas decorations
  3. Put John's schedule on my calendar
  4. Go out to lunch with Gabriel
  5. Go out to lunch with Hannah
  6. Attend Holly's Christmas concert 1/13 (postponed because of snow)
  7. Go shopping for things Gabriel and Hannah need for their second semester
  8. Find a reading aloud routine
  9. Send Gabriel and Hannah cards or letters weekly
  10. Find a new career - subbing isn't working for us
  11. Get family pictures taken in the summer
  12. Lose 10 pounds
  13. Plan Holly's 8th grade school year
  14. Make - and follow - weekly and daily to-do lists
  15. Read 5 non-fiction books
  16. Reestablish the habit of blogging
  17. Begin an exercise routine
  18. Lose 10 more pounds
  19. Organize/declutter our bedroom
  20. Begin Art and Science with Holly
  21. Practice clarinet
  22. Join orchestra at church
  23. DON'T have any major dental work done (I can hope!)
  24. Make weekly menu plans
  25. Have my hair professionally cut and highlighted
  26. Write a letter to my grandmother each month
  27. Get rid of clothes that don't fit or I don't like
  28. Lose 10 more pounds
  29. Organize dining room buffet cabinet
  30. Sell or donate books that won't be read again
  31. Buy new clothes for the summer
  32. DON'T find lost pounds
  33. Visit my friend/former roommate Mary Ellen
  34. Visit my friend/former roommate Cindy
  35. Work on writing a book about our life in Romania
  36. Encourage Holly in things that interest her - writing, crafts, cooking, photography
  37. Visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky
  38. Visit my grandmother in Kentucky
  39. Learn Spanish with Holly
  40. Reconsider 2011 list - add and revise as necessary

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  1. It was so good to see your comment on my blog Karen! Haven't heard from you in so long and had lost the link to yours. Hope your 2011 is blessed indeed.