Monday, December 27, 2010

Once Again

Christmas is over and the tree needs to come down. Some gifts still need to find a home. Laundry has piled up with the arrival of our two college freshmen home on their Christmas break. But I find myself with a more urgent need - the need to write. I began blogging in 2005 when an online friend told me I needed to and I fell in love with the concept. It quickly became a daily habit, a fixation even. But somehow the online obsession was quelled by the extreme life changes our family went through.

There was a trans-Atlantic move, a major career change, the need for me to work as well, high schoolers to homeschool and life in general. Our two oldest graduated from high school and left for their first year of college. Life with only one child at home has been different indeed. We have settled into somewhat of a routine but blogging has not yet found its way back into my life. I miss it. So here I am trying once again.

I know many long time blogging friends who have also gone through some major changes in their lives. Dear online friends, how do you keep blogging a part of your daily/weekly routine?

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  1. Hi Karen, it's me again! ~Smile~

    Even though I am not a long time blogger, I wanted to respond.

    I actually started my blog well over a year ago, but due to work and other obligations, I only posted once. Then, three months ago I started blogging on a regular basis...through circumstances I would not have chosen, I now have more time to study and write.

    What I have found is that blogging has actually kept me in the Word more...studying more in depth. Because, my prayer is that when I do share God's Word, it will only be what He has placed in my heart, and that it will bring comfort and encouragement to His people. And that it would also be a 'seed' planted in those who are lost.

    And when you wrote about being 'held' by God you brought encouragement and hope...

    Sorry for the long comment.