Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Acutely Sedate

This has been a quiet but busy as usual week. Gabriel and Hannah left at the crack of dawn on Monday morning for camp in Tennessee. They are with our church youth group Meanwhile, Holly has kept me occupied. John was off on Monday so he took Holly out for some father-daughter time. I stayed home and worked on fall homeschool plans. Later that evening we went out to play putt-putt. Holly had only been once before. She really enjoyed it and wanted to go again. My score was horrible, perhaps my worst ever. I'd like to blame it on the sun. At 6:30 PM it was still too hot. And while I am sure that was a factor, I must admit that I'm just not that good at putt-putt. On Tuesday Holly and I went swimming, shopping and then came home and watched a movie. After dinner, we went to the library. For a child that doesn't like to read much, she really loves the library. I cannot figure that one out. Today we went to lunch with a friend of mine and her two children. The restaurant was Holly's choice - Ci Ci's Pizza.

That briefly sums up the first part of my week. Busy but quiet. Way too quiet. Days without Gabriel, who was born without volume control, are acutely sedate. There are those who think that Hannah is my quiet one. She is, comparatively. But like the rest of my offspring who all have a huge dose of Woodward DNA, she has no problems being articulate. Their absence is severely noticed. I am left at home with only one chatterbox to keep me company. And she's doing a great job!

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the Birthday Wishes comment that you left. You have a lovely blog and beautiful children.