Friday, July 10, 2009

Blessings and Thankfulness

In our family, we typically begin each meal by giving thanks and asking God's blessing on the food. Next week I will begin to make serious homeschool plans. Before I find myself buried in the multitude of decisions about curriculum and schedules, I want to give thanks to God for the many blessing in my life and ask Him to bless our homeschool year. I have previously written this list and today I decided to read it once again, rewrite it and tweak it just a bit. Here is my list of things that I am thankful for in no particular order.

  1. God's mercy
  2. God's grace
  3. Salvation freely given
  4. Eternal life through Jesus Christ
  5. A relationship with Almighty God, Abba Father
  6. His love so richly bestowed upon me
  7. The privilege to go boldly before His throne of grace
  8. His Word
  9. Casting my cares upon Him because He cares for me
  10. His thoughts toward me that cannot be numbered
  11. A husband who loves me
  12. Health
  13. Air conditioning
  14. A kiss from my sweetheart
  15. An ice cold drink of water
  16. My mom
  17. My dad
  18. Two brothers
  19. Being raised in a Christian home
  20. Gabriel
  21. Hannah
  22. Holly
  23. Being able to homeschool my children
  24. A multitude of resources to accomplish the task
  25. My 93 year old grandmother who is still able to welcome us into her home and cook delicious meals for us
  26. New mercies each morning
  27. A sun-shiny day
  28. Seasons
  29. A cool day in the summer
  30. Wisdom
  31. Music
  32. The library with books written in English
  33. The laughter of my children
  34. Ears to hear that joyful sound
  35. Eyes to see my family's smiles
  36. My youngest child reading aloud to me
  37. Singing together
  38. Making plans
  39. A free country
  40. A comfortable bed
  41. A soft pillow
  42. Wall to wall carpet
  43. Swimming
  44. Dinner with my family
  45. Time to myself
  46. A chance to blog
  47. My computer
  48. The internet that helps me feel so much closer to my family and friends who are so very far away
  49. My computer desk
  50. A day to relax
  51. Our church
  52. Youth group for the kids
  53. A chance to praise
  54. A dishwasher to clean the dishes and spare our skin
  55. God's provision
  56. The many "I love you's" from my husband and kids
  57. My children's artwork
  58. Memories
  59. Encouraging comments
  60. Clean clothes
  61. A washer to wash them in
  62. A dryer too
  63. A husband who loves the Lord
  64. And is zealous about His Word
  65. A husband who spends time with his children
  66. And talks to them about big and small things
  67. Trees to shade us from the harsh summer sun
  68. Gentle rain
  69. Every breath that I take
  70. Every beat of my heart
  71. Every moment that God is watching over me and I don't even think about it
  72. Brushing my daughter's hair who is only little for a little while longer
  73. A God who knows my name
  74. My Lord Who knows the path that I take
  75. My Redeemer Who lives
  76. A car that has A/C
  77. Another day with my family
  78. Coupons
  79. A little girl who loves to cook
  80. And play with dolls
  81. And give me hugs
  82. Two girls who love to sing
  83. A teenage girl who loves photography
  84. And being with mom
  85. And gives me hugs
  86. A son who loves drama and politics
  87. And is much too quickly growing up
  88. And loves the Lord
  89. And still gives me hugs
  90. A nice big stove to prepare home cooked meals
  91. Sweet tea
  92. Two girls who know how to make it perfectly
  93. Ice
  94. Comfortable tennis shoes
  95. A good night's sleep
  96. Sandals
  97. Cookouts
  98. All the colors of the rainbow
  99. Blue
  100. Reading out loud to my children
  101. Their attentiveness
  102. Their energy
  103. Orange juice
  104. Milk
  105. Cereal, especially the many varieties available here in the USA
  106. My family watching a funny movie together
  107. A God who calls me by my name
  108. A Lord who calls me His
  109. The gospel preached to others
  110. A chance to serve
  111. The promises of God
  112. A new career for John
  113. Fellowship with friends
  114. More than enough food
  115. Books
  116. Rest
  117. Hope
  118. A peaceful heart
  119. A song in my heart
  120. God's Word to light my path, especially when I do not know the way
What's on your list?

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
1 Thessalonians 5:18


  1. I LOVED this post ! I will have to sit down and make my list too. I need to start sitting down and making lesson plans too very soon. We took a break from everything and starting Monday I need to do some of the summer basics. I have to start or my summer will fly way before I know it. I am soooooo glad you have started blogging again. I have been wondering about you my friend. Can you believe we met in bloggyland 3 years ago ! Boy time flys.

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
    In Him<><

    Mary @Raising 4 Godly Men

  2. What a great list! How we need to be thankful - it fixes our eyes on the One who makes it all possible and keeps us from the mire of everyday life.
    God bless you!