Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Story - Part 1

This is the beginning of my story of being called to be a missionary and my life in Romania. I posted this on my other blog and thought I would share it here. I will post more later.

Like any story, there is a beginning and this is where I will start. Not the very beginning. That would be Genesis 1:1 and I was not there. Not my beginning either because I do not remember it. Instead, I thought I would share my first thoughts of being interested in serving the Lord.

Most missionaries do not have a blinding light experience like the Apostle Paul calling them into God’s service. God’s voice does not thunder down from heaven telling them exactly the next step to take. My first thought of full time Christian service had a much more humble beginning. It was in the lunchroom of a rural elementary school in the state of Kentucky. I was sitting with my best friend Susan talking about who knows what. Susan and I became best friends from the beginning of that school year and we were inseparable. We shared a birthday and each of us had an older brother named David. Those were important commonalities for ten year olds. I do not recall our conversation that day but the words of the boy across the table were unforgettable. I had a secret crush on him. However, I was much too shy to ever let him know my feelings, even when he was chasing me around the playground. I do not remember the date or the many other details of that day but his words still ring clear in my memory. “God has called me to preach,” he proudly announced. Our response was deplorable. We laughed out loud, hysterically and recklessly. The boy was deeply hurt and the agony was visible on his face. I laughed because Susan laughed. I laughed because it was the only thing I could think to do at that moment. It was then that I knew I would be a preacher’s wife.

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  1. Yes, when we were 10 years old, God knew. He knew where we would be and what we would be doing, uh, many years later. *grin*
    I remember being a child in church, complaining about having to come. An older man standing near me looked at me and said, "One day you will like coming to church."
    I have often wondered if that man was a messanger of God, telling me that one day I would be saved and I would WANT to come to worship my Lord and Savior.
    Yep. He knows, and He speaks.