Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Bit about Gabriel and Hannah

Gabriel and Hannah are finishing up their last few weeks of work. Gabriel works in the Abeka Book distribution center. If you use Abeka, he might be the one who pulled your books off the shelves! He has also been a substitute worker in the sports center. They have a day camp for elementary kids and Gabriel's job when he's there is to supervise them while they are bowling, skating, rock climbing and all the other activities that are there. Hannah works for Abeka Academy. That's their video school. She's on the phone all day making and receiving calls about enrollment.

I thank God daily for their jobs, for without them, I don't know how we could send them back this fall. But I miss them more than my heart can say. I love that they have made good friends and are really having a great time. Gabriel is getting a lot of reading in. Something that he probably wouldn't do here at home. It's been good for them, but cutting the apron strings (or heart strings would be more like it) is painful. August may be too early to start the Christmas break count down but I did it anyway. 120 days.

Scrapbook page made using my new digital scrapbooking program. I'm giving one away next week!!


  1. Perhaps you will give me one of them new programs.

  2. :D Enter my contest next week!!

  3. Oh, I get choked up just thinking about my kids leaving the nest. It sounds like yours are off to a really great start, though, and I'm sure God has great plans for them!

  4. I'm so happy for Gabriel & Hannah but this post just makes me tear up too. Thankfully, our girls probably won't be leaving the nest until they marry, but still, watching them grow up is bittersweet.