Monday, August 1, 2011

One Thousand Gifts Week 2

Life can be difficult with its many trials and sorrows. But God gives us so many blessings each and every day. Sometimes they are obvious. Other times we have to think about it and remember the thousands of ways we have to say thanks. So I pause on this Monday morning to list a few of them:

21. God's Word to comfort and guide me
22. a little girl safely home from camp
23. the encouragement she found there through friends and God's Word
24. her renewed dedication to God and serving Him
25. texting - so I can easily communicate with my children so far away
26. and digital pictures they can send via the internet

27. time to myself
28. my computer
29. my computer desk
30. our church
31. the preaching of God's Word
32. our youth group with teens dedicated to living for God
33. a grill on my backyard deck
34. the American flag waving proudly by my front door
35. trees that give us shade
36. ice water
37. a phone call from my sweetheart
38. grocery stores
39. coupons
40. God's provision


  1. Aren't we blessed to live in an age where instant communication is possible?

    Thanks for stopping by Reflections. I enjoyed reading your blessings.

  2. Great list! And wow you changed your background again, cute! Your daughter really looks like you...but I guess you already knew that. :) Good looking kids. I was just thinking how thankful I am for indoor plumbing. lol

  3. All very good things to be thankful for.

  4. God's blessings are everywhere, we just have to make a choice to see them. Thanks for visiting my blog. Many blessings!

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog this past weekend! I am so glad to live in an age of digital photos that can be sent over the phone or through the computer.

  6. Thanks for the reminder to keep listing our blessings!