Thursday, August 11, 2011

Long Story Short Version

My longtime blogging friend PlainJane asked me recently if I am still working outside the home. I was a stay-at-home mom for many years, beginning shortly before our first child was born. It has always been my personal conviction that mothers should be home with their children unless their income was needed to put food on the table. I understand that most Americans do not share my feelings on that point but I am not here to change anyone's mind, I'm simply stating what is right for our family.

I did have a couple of part time jobs when John was in college. He also worked full time, making a little above minimum wage. I did Mother's Day Out 2 days a week and brought Gabriel and Hannah along with me. After that I cleaned our church occasionally. I was a substitute janitor! I got the kids up early, took them to my mom's and was at the church by 5:30 A.M. Money was always tight. We didn't have fancy cars and have never taken a luxury vacation. But watching God work miracles in our lives has been more fascinating than any exotic excursion could ever be.

Fast forward to 2007 - We had just returned from Romania and made the decision to move to Virginia. We came here in faith that John would be hired by the Virginia State Police. Until then, John found a job working security. Two week's pay only paid for two-thirds of our rent. We decided I would be a substitute teacher. It was a good plan. I worked from 7:00-3:00. The kids did their school work and I would go over it with them in the afternoon. John worked from 4:00-Midnight.

Money was still tight. We still didn't have fancy cars. Vacations consisted of going to see family. Schedules were also tight. Trying to squeeze in homeschooling between my work and the kids' jobs was tough. Reading aloud went out the window and I really missed it. But John was eventually hired by VSP and I didn't need to work as much.

I worked some during our third year in Virginia. Gabriel and Hannah were seniors in high school and college expenses were on the horizon. I'm not sure if I worked ten days last year. With Gabriel and Hannah gone and John working days, there were few occasions when he could be home with Holly so I could go to work. Last week, I received my substitute letter. I discussed it with John, "Do you want me to sub again?" We would have the same dilemma - what do we do with Holly? So the answer is a decisive "No."

To sum up the story, I will once again be a stay-at-home mom. I will look for other ways to earn some extra income - selling things on ebay and clipping coupons. But mostly, I will be watching how God will provide in His miraculous ways. And stand in awe.


  1. It's so hard on one income, especially with all prices going up and trying to eat healthy. However, God has always provided for us. Not usually anything extra or fancy, but enough. It took me so long to get over wanting extra. I am glad you get this chance again.

  2. We are so rich beyond words when it comes to the speechless relationships that we have with our children. There is a closeness and bond that is beyond words. After three THIRTEEN year old teens, we have yet to experience a rebellious child. Thank you to my Father in heaven and my blessed wife. From her husband, John

  3. Thanks for posting that Karen. The LORD is Our Provider!!! I thank the LORD for meeting all of our needs and so much more as well. And our well-behaved children are a blessing far above-rubies (esp. thankful since our 5-yr-old nephew just left...our dog behaves better).