Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I am sorry for my four years of neglect and my sporadic attempts of keeping this blog going. I feel I have some valid excuses but they are, in the end, simply excuses. I blogged faithfully in Romania; almost daily. I was busy there too but somehow life was different. And you, dear blog, were a connection to reality, to family, friends and peers who spoke English.

Leaving Romania not only broke my heart but it destroyed my routine. I haven't found a new one yet as life has constantly been changing. We moved to Virginia and John worked a security job while waiting to be hired by the State Police. We found it necessary for me to work as well. I worked a combination of part and full time jobs substituting in the public schools - and homeschooled my children at the same time. Then John was in the academy and only home on weekends. A new routine was needed. January 2010 was his graduation. Gabriel and Hannah were seniors in high school. June was their turn to flip their tassels. And the following September they found wings and flew away to college. How life changed with only one child at home!

Amongst the business there has also been heartache, frustration and sorrow. There were days that I might have had time to write but I did not have the heart. Not that all my days have been somber. Many have been filled with happiness , laughter and good times. But too often, the enemy would step in and steal my joy.

Those first four years were also years of apartment living. And this spring, we decided (God did actually but that is another story entirely!) that it was time to move. So God led us to a nice house and we are still in the process of getting moved in - and finding a routine. I am hoping that blogging will be a part of my new procedure.


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